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Bellingham Makerspace Amateur Radio Group

A Space for Bellingham’s Amateur Radio Enthusiasts!

Welcome to Bellingham’s newest Amateur radio club! With the help of A generous grant from the Amateur Radio Digital Communications group we are in the process of building a section of the Bellingham Makerspace to fulfill the needs of the local amateur radio community and teach the public about the benefits and functions of the HAM community.

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What do we do?

Currently our main focus is fulfilling the goals of our grant. These are outlined in the ARDCgrant.doc at our club documents link. Generally speaking though we will be doing the following in the next few months.

  • Engage in monthly meetings with established BMARG members as well as anyone interested in joining our club
  • Provide space for other local HAM radio clubs to meet in, if you would like to plan a meeting in our space please contact us at….
  • We will be hosting a HAM radio Licensing sessions at least twice a year, our first session will be in august
  • We will be purchasing several different kinds of radio sets both for in the club space and for members in good standing to borrow and use at home.
  • Hosting a monthly “Introduction to Amateur radio” discussion covering topics like
    • What is HAM?
    • How does it serve and interact with its community?
    • Amateur radios role in Emergency communications
    • Training steps and what you can do now?
  • Host HAM events and projects with a Maker focus, these could include…
    • Transmitter hunts
    • Building a club “Go Kit”
  • For those looking to get Licensed, provide study sessions and up to date learning materials.

Contact us!

[email protected]