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Intro to the Laser Cutter

The Bellingham Makerspace’s Laser Cutter is extremely powerful, extremely versatile and extremely large. Members can use it to cut lots of flat materials (wood, plywood, acrylic plastics, leather) and engrave dozens of others (glass, ceramic, marble). This 1 Hour class teaches you how to safely operate the laser, what materials are recommended and rules and regulations for doing it all safely.

Each student will cut and engrave their own acrylic keychain. Makerspace members can use the Laser for personal projects after taking this class.

Class length: 1 hour. Cost is $30.

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Intro to Vector Graphics

To effectively use the laser cutter or vinyl cutter, you need a good vector graphic (file types SVG, AI and EPS). Instructor Jason Davies shows you how to use the free and open-source program Inkscape to make, edit and trace your own vector graphics. Please bring your own laptop and a mouse to class, and ensure that you have downloaded Inkscape onto it before the class. If you can’t bring a laptop, let the instructor know ahead of time so we can arrange to bring over a makerspace computer for you to use.

Class Length: 1 Hour. Cost is $30.

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Introduction to the woodshop

The class will cover Bellingham Makerspace woodshop standards including safety, allowable materials, mobile bases, power, dust collection, machine controls, etc. The class is for both experienced woodworkers and those new to woodworking.

The easiest way to get acquainted with the Makerspace Woodshop Standards and machines is with hands on board processing. While topics like reading grain direction will be touched upon, the focus is safety, e.g. cutting warped wood.

The take home project is a chamfered sign board ready for engraving. Everyone will cut, surface, plane, square and chamfer a piece of 2×6 lumber. Makerspace members can use the woodshop for personal projects after taking this class.

Class Length: 2 hours. Cost $50

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Using the CNC Router

Welcome to the world of CNC! This is a hands-on introduction to CNC using Bellingham Makerspace’s X-Carve machine. You will learn to use design software, hands-on use of the CNC and also carve a small project that you design. What to bring with you to class: Laptop if you have one (not required). You will be doing software design so if you normally use a mouse to move your cursor, bring it with you. Class starts promptly at 5pm. You should arrive 10 to 15 minutes early to get settled in, oriented, and prepared for class.

Class Length: 1.5 hours. Cost: $45.

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Into to the Vinyl Cutter

Learn to use the Bellingham Makerspace’s vinyl cutter to make wall art, stickers, banners, signs and more! Participants will learn the basics of vector design, how to cut, prepare and stick the vinyl efficiently to any non-porous surface. Each participant will make, cut, prepare and stick their own laptop/phone sticker! Makerspace members can use the Vinyl Cutter for personal projects after taking this class.

Class Length: 1 Hour. Cost: $30

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