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Bellingham MakerCraft

Minecrafting – with Makers

Bellingham Makerspace has its own Minecraft server.  Yep!  We are still in the beginning stages of setting it up, adding the extras, and writing some documentation.  To be fair, the menu link for this page is curently only published for logged in users – but feel free to share and invite friends now.  We intend to make a public announcement soon, and to invite the entire community to come play and build with us – we just have a bit more preparation to do before we are ready to do that.

General Concept

This is a free-to-play server for everyone (even people who are not members of Bellingham Makerspace). We do allow PVP (player versus player), in general, but we do not tolerate any bullying or sexually oriented behaviors.  Keep it family friendly and just enjoy a mutually constructive experience.

Some enhancements are only enabled for players that are fairly active – so log in often.  There are automatic promotional tracks for avid players who either explore enough, build enough, or even just discover special gates! So don’t ask for OP status or to be made “admin” – none of the players are actually able to grant it to you.

What's in The Box

The server is a Paper 1.19.x server with the following plugins.  NOTE: for various reasons, not ALL plugins are listed here, but if you know of one that might be interesting to add to our universes, let us know!

Player and flavor plugins:

Administration and maintenance plugins:

How to Connect and Play

Download and install the Minecraft client application on your system, then connect to our server at on port 25565.


Coming Soon – MakerCraft!

Hey Minecraft-Makers!  Save the date and join us on December 12th as Bellingham Makerspace proudly presents MakerCraft – a family friendly Minecraft server for all to play. With multiple worlds,

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