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Jason Davies: From Maker to Seller

Jason Davies, one of Bellingham Makerspace’s founders, teachers and operations managers, is now selling creations at the Makerspace. He took the time to answer a few questions about his journey from maker to seller.
His first memories as a maker were as a child, handing tools to his father, who built a log splitter on an old boat trailer when Jason was six. “I was always disappointed in my artistic skills and felt I could never realize the thing that was in my head using my skillset until I learned how to use digital design tools like Photoshop and Illustrator. When I paired those tools with a vinyl cutter, 3D printer and laser cutter, it opened up a new world for me. I could design on the computer and make a real thing in real life!”
Jason teaches classes in using the laser cutter, one of his favorite tools. “I love to find any excuse to use the laser cutter. I keep thinking of new ways to use it! I’m usually cutting 1/8-inch plywood to make store displays, art objects, Christmas ornaments and signs for around the Makerspace.” He also teaches classes in the vinyl cutter and vector graphics. He helps develop other teachers and classes. You can sign up for classes here.
Jason is planning several programs at the Makerspace, including “a vocational and skill-training skateboard-making program for at-risk youth as well as a group that makes needed items for rescue animals (like 3D printed wheelchairs and carts).” If you want to help, contact Jason at [email protected].
Jason makes gifts for friends and family that later develop into products to sell. One of his most popular projects have been “custom car emblems that reference fictional starships” including an emblem of “FALCON: Millennium Edition.” His brother loved the gift. Jason has sold them on Esty. There are also some for sale in the Makerspace retail center. He is also selling laser-engraved gifts and a finger-labyrinth with a Lord of the Rings theme, pictured below.

If you are a Bellingham Makerspace member and would like to sell your work at the Makerspace, see this document. To sign up, submit this form

Jason closed on an encouraging note. “Making stuff is fun and your fellow Makerspace members are an invaluable resource to help you along the way. Bring in your projects; ask about other’s work. Our maker community is a FANTASTIC asset for collaboration, learning and inspiration. Take advantage!”

Makers Making Change Donation 

Eighty percent of people living with a disability use some kind of aid or assistive device on a daily basis to increase their independence. However, the cost of many assistive technologies can be prohibitively expensive and people may not be able to acquire the assistive devices they need to fully participate in our communities. For many, the accommodations they need are not often addressed through standard commercial offerings and frequently need customization to be effective. A lack of access to affordable assistive technologies further isolates and marginalizes people with disabilities and limits their full inclusion in our communities. There is an untapped potential in the maker community that can positively impact the lives of people with disabilities.

Bellingham Makerspace’s Mary Elliott is the Washington State Chapter Leader for Makers Making Change, a nonprofit organization based in Canada. Makers Making Change offers a platform for makers to volunteer their time to fabricate a solution for someone in need of assistive technology. Their website,, contains a repository of designs and projects. People with disabilities and their families can request a project that they feel will help address their barriers.

The Canadian government has told Makers Making Change that they can no longer fund events in the United States, so they have donated the contents of their storage locker in Blaine to the Makerspace so that we may continue to serve people with assistive technology needs. The locker contains Arduinos, soldering irons, and other equipment. Bellingham Makerspace is deeply grateful for this donation and opportunity.

Partial, Temporary Closure

You, our members, and the public, have asked for change at the Makerspace and we are making that happen! Starting Monday, 12/20/21, the Bellingham Makerspace will be closed to the general public until our Grand Reopening of Makerspace 2.0 on 2/2/22. The purpose of this closure is literal and metaphorical housecleaning and preparing for Makerspace 2.0.

All resident members are still welcome to use their spaces. Any member who needs access to the Makerspace is welcome to reach out to our President, Dan, at  [email protected]. We will make every effort to accommodate your request.

Any class in December with purchased tickets will proceed as planned. All classes other classes have been rescheduled until after our 2/2/22 Grand Reopening.

Saturday, December 18, the Open House from 2-5pm and the Volunteer Holiday Party that follows will occur as scheduled. We will be open for the Repair Café in January on 1/9/22 and 1/16/22.

Makerspace December Newsletter

Featured Articles

Grizzly Sponsorship

The Makerspace would like to express our gratitude for one of our sponsors, Grizzly Industrial Tools. Come in and use Grizzly tools to make amazing things! For more information about Grizzly, you can visit their website at

Makerspace Partnership

The Bellingham Makerspace would like to thank our partners: TAG,
Toastmasters, and the Men’s Shed. The photos are of the Men’s Shed, who have been using our space to make toys.

Join a Committee and Make a Difference

The marketing committee needs help and with the Board’s permission we are calling on members and volunteers to form two committees to work with us improve the Makerspace.

Membership Committee

The marketing committee and the Board of Directors need assistance learning how we can improve membership retention, attract new members, and improve the Makerspace. We are asking for members and volunteers to form a committee to research this issue an act as a liaison to the Board of Directors.

Events Committee

In 2022, we plan to host one large event each quarter and join in on community based events. We need members and volunteers to form a committee to assist the marketing committee in planning our events and researching events that we can participate in.

Please email [email protected] if you are interested in joining and forming a committee.

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Makerspace November Newsletter

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New Amateur Radio Group now part of Bellingham Makerspace
By Steve Stroh N8GNJ

The Bellingham Makerspace Amateur Radio Group (BMARG) was formed in October, 2021 and is now officially authorized by the Makerspace Board. Makerspace members who are Amateur Radio Operators include BMARG Coordinator Steve Stroh (N8GNJ), Garth Johnson (KF7TOY), Mark Allyn (WA1SEY), Rochelle Sears (KF7VOP), and Tina Stroh (KD7WSF).

A primary reason for forming BMARG is to expose the members and visitors to the Makerspace to Amateur Radio. Such opportunities are very rare in this era (typically, only at science / tech museums and some venues such as fairs).

A secondary reason to create BMARG is to leverage Amateur Radio as a way to teach radio technology as a part of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) activities at the Makerspace. For example, many Amateur Radio projects and systems are based on Raspberry Pi computers, and it’s even cooler to make Raspberry Pis into radios (yes, really).The first activity of BMARG was to develop some representative displays of “modern” Amateur Radio activities as part of the Maker Faire, including microwave networking and mobile data communications (Automatic Packet Reporting System – APRS).

But what really showed off “Amateur Radio” during the Maker Faire was a local Amateur Radio Operator, Gayland Gump KG7GCF working on soldering components to a printed circuit board. (Yes, it was an Amateur Radio project.) Gayland was really able to engage the young folks and make soldering look really cool!

An immediate goal for BMARG is to write a grant proposal to Amateur Radio Digital Communications (ARDC) to purchase equipment for BMARG and some general financial support for the Makerspace for some infrastructure and STEM activities. After the grant proposal is complete and submitted, BMARG will develop an “Introduction to Amateur Radio” class for those that want to learn more about what Amateur Radio is and what its capabilities are (open to the public) that we will repeat regularly.

Longer term goals for BMARG include developing radio-related projects appropriate for the Makerspace such as building good, but inexpensive antennas out of common materials such as stiff wire and PVC pipe, building a satellite ground station to receive data from small satellites built by colleges such as Portland State University and University of Washington, Amateur Radio license preparation classes, and (if we do receive a grant) building out several radio systems in the Amateur Radio area. We also want to reach out to local Amateur Radio and other tech-related organizations such as TAG NW.

As an example of what’s possible for Amateur Radio projects, it’s feasible for Bellingham Makerspace to be the first Makerspace (in the world?) to build its own research micro-satellite (using Amateur Radio to communicate) and get it launched from the International Space Station.

A unique challenge for Amateur RADIO in the Bellingham Makerspace is that Bellis Fair Mall does not allow any external antennas. And, operating radios within the Makerspace does not work very well because of radio interference generated from many electronic devices such as 3D printers with stepper motors and switching power supplies. BMARG plans to adapt to that challenge, and still be able to work with radios at the Makerspace, to “split” radios that we want to use into a display / front panel at the Makerspace, and the corresponding radio / antenna system somewhere else that antennas are allowed. The display / front panel and the radio / antenna system will be linked via Internet.

Most importantly, Bellingham Makerspace Amateur Radio Group will be about having fun with radio technology, including many activities that don’t require individuals to get their own Amateur Radio license.

For more information about Bellingham Makerspace Amateur Radio Group, contact Steve Stroh N8GNJ – [email protected], via the Makerspace Slack system, or by phone / text at 206-849-9019. Steve also publishes a free weekly newsletter about the more techie aspects of Amateur Radio – see

MLK Jr. Day – Spring Cleaning. Volunteers needed

We are hosting a winter clean-up day and would love your help! We will be clearing out everything from winter blues to old projects. We will also, quite literally, be putting up a fresh coat of paint from 10 am to 3 pm on January 21st. This special Monday is also MLK day, don’t forget to give back to the community!
We hope to see you all there.  Thank you for your support!

Make & Take Holiday Gift Making

Sign up for Make & Take classes here.

We’re going to have mini classes showcasing what you can make on one tool, changing each night. We’d appreciate volunteers for these!
Invite your friends and family to see what the Makerspace is all about! All ages and skill levels welcome– no tools will be used.

Buy your tickets online or pay at the door.

Dec 19-21 (Wednesday-Friday), 5-7pm

Dec 22 (Saturday) 11-4pm

ARTility installation with PSE & Bellingham Makerspace

What: ARTility installation with PSE & Bellingham Makerspace
When: TWO opportunities!
Sunday, November 18, 1:00-4:00pm  &  Monday, November 19, 10:00am-1:00pm   
Location: Sehome Substation (near 725 N State Street), Bellingham
What to bring: warm weather dependent clothes (you’ll be outside), gloves with fingers, AND an awesome attitude. This event is designed to be a fun way to integrate your work into our community.

Volunteer Opportunity:
Come for the whole time or even 30 minutes!
No tickets needed. Just show up!

Join PSE employees and the Bellingham Makerspace for the next ARTility installation on the Sehome Substation Fence in Bellingham. This project is designed to promote beautification in our community by working with local artists to install art on PSE owned infrastructure across the Puget Sound. The Sehome Substation will present a unique opportunity to showcase the locally loved “Bellingham Flag” design that will be represented in numerous mosaic acrylic pieces, to be installed by volunteers and PSE employees. In addition, this PSE sponsored program is supporting students experiencing homelessness to participate in career connected STEM enrichment experiences through Bellingham Makerspace new TechX youth program. The installation includes tying acrylic pieces to the substation fence. No experience necessary and a great opportunity to help beautify a PSE asset.

November Announcements

Raquel volunteering

Volunteer Orientation

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Support Bellingham Makerspace with Amazon Smile!

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Upcoming Classes

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Holiday Hours and Closing

We will be closed on these days to observe the respective holidays. Thank you for your understanding!

Nov 22-23: Thanksgiving and Black Friday

Dec 23-24: Christmas

Dec 30-31: New Year’s


October Announcements

Raquel volunteering

Volunteer Orientation

We are excited to announce our new and improved Volunteer Orientation! Every first Saturday of the month, beginning October 6, there will be a new volunteer orientation from 11 am – 12 pm. After a short break, there will be a brief training session for all volunteers. Refreshments will be provided!

If you haven’t already, click here to fill out the Volunteer Application form.

Make Halloween better with the Makerspace!

Don’t forget, the Bellingham Makerspace has all the tools you need to make those awesome costumes! Keep checking our Eventbrite page to stay up to date on all our scary-fun upcoming classes.

Upcoming Classes

Click a class title to view more info and get tickets on Eventbrite!

Oct 11: Make a Halloween costume out of a T-shirt!

Oct 16: Intro to CNC Router

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