Recycled Plastic Notebook Program

On Saturday June 6, Bellingham Makerspace teamed up with the Western Washington University Polymer Materials Engineering program to host a workshop where participants got to create a notebook made out of recycled plastic.

So many of the plastics manufactured today go through the hands of consumers and then straight into the landfill for a variety of reasons. The students in the WWU Polymer Materials Engineering program seek to close this loop by creating new and useful products from post-consumer plastics. Their project involved researching different plastics and their utility, their recyclability, and which ones were plentiful on campus. The students collected the plastic, sorted and shredded it, then melted and pressed it into sheets that were then cut into notebook covers.

About 16 workshop participants assembled their own notebooks using the recycled plastic sheets, recycled paper and plastic rings, while learning about the process for sorting, shredding, melting and reforming plastics from the engineering students. The paper for the notebooks was made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper donated by the WWU Print and Copy Center.

The project was created by undergrad students Halka Inagaki, Emmaline Lenz, and Leia Kaminsky under their Professor Nicole Hoekstra. For more information about the WWU Polymer Materials program (which was recently voted one of the best programs in the nation!) go to

To learn more about the idea of a Circular Plastics Economy, read this article from WWU’s Window magazine:

It is here – Make & Take: Robots 101 !!!

On Sunday, June 26th at The Bellingham Makerspace

Build a mobile robot vehicle that you can program yourself. Lots of ways to improve it and learn about robotics.

We will be assembling the Kitronik Micro:Bit MOVE Mini Mk2 (included in the price if the class), a great introductory robot for both remote and autonomous operation with a range of add-on boards to continue the exploration of robotics.

Each participant pair (young person and their adult assistant) will have a dedicated robotics expert to help with assembly and troubleshooting. All teams will learn how to assemble the robot, light up the LEDs, draw shapes on paper using the robot and a marker, and perform basic programming tasks.

Did we mention the best part? You get to take home – the robot is yours! You can even modify the robot to personalize and enhance it. Later classes will likely build upon this base, adding extra features, interactivity – and even some “from scratch” chassis design. So get started now.

Get your seat now on our EventBrite class registrar, here.

Brainstorming Session for Makerspace 2.0

All Are Welcome!!!

This Saturday, January 8, 2022 at 1:00 pm. 

We’ll have our regular monthly volunteer meeting this coming Saturday, the 8th, at 1pm at the Makerspace and on Zoom. Except that this won’t be a regular meeting: this will be our brainstorming session for Makerspace 2.0. Even if you’re not a regular volunteer, you’re welcome to join us. Come with ideas. Come with suggestions. Come with ways that the Bellingham Makerspace can move into 2022 with gusto. Remember that we can do anything we want, even if we can’t do EVERYTHING we want.

Directors, Staff, & The Marketing Committee
Stay Informed

Can’t make our upcoming brainstorming meeting? Whether you are a volunteer, member, or just want to know what we are doing at the Makerspace, stay informed by joining our SLACK channel.

Partial, Temporary Closure

You, our members, and the public, have asked for change at the Makerspace and we are making that happen! Starting Monday, 12/20/21, the Bellingham Makerspace will be closed to the general public until our Grand Reopening of Makerspace 2.0 on 2/2/22. The purpose of this closure is literal and metaphorical housecleaning and preparing for Makerspace 2.0.

All resident members are still welcome to use their spaces. Any member who needs access to the Makerspace is welcome to reach out to our President, Dan, at  [email protected]. We will make every effort to accommodate your request.

Any class in December with purchased tickets will proceed as planned. All classes other classes have been rescheduled until after our 2/2/22 Grand Reopening.

Saturday, December 18, the Open House from 2-5pm and the Volunteer Holiday Party that follows will occur as scheduled. We will be open for the Repair Café in January on 1/9/22 and 1/16/22.

2021 Year-End Fundraising Push

As we prepare for this grand endeavor we are reaching out to our supporters for one last, end of year fundraising push. This holiday season is a great time to donate to the Bellingham Makerspace and a generous, anonymous donor has offered to match up to $5,000 in contributions. The matching amount will be paid in bitcoin. We are also working to find other people to match funds, whether in bitcoin, dollars, gold, or any maker equipment. Please help us raise the $5,000 we need to receive the matching contributions by December 31, 2021.

Makerspace December Newsletter

Featured Articles

Grizzly Sponsorship

The Makerspace would like to express our gratitude for one of our sponsors, Grizzly Industrial Tools. Come in and use Grizzly tools to make amazing things! For more information about Grizzly, you can visit their website at

Makerspace Partnership

The Bellingham Makerspace would like to thank our partners: TAG,
Toastmasters, and the Men’s Shed. The photos are of the Men’s Shed, who have been using our space to make toys.

Join a Committee and Make a Difference

The marketing committee needs help and with the Board’s permission we are calling on members and volunteers to form two committees to work with us improve the Makerspace.

Membership Committee

The marketing committee and the Board of Directors need assistance learning how we can improve membership retention, attract new members, and improve the Makerspace. We are asking for members and volunteers to form a committee to research this issue an act as a liaison to the Board of Directors.

Events Committee

In 2022, we plan to host one large event each quarter and join in on community based events. We need members and volunteers to form a committee to assist the marketing committee in planning our events and researching events that we can participate in.

Please email [email protected] if you are interested in joining and forming a committee.

To Read more click here.

Makerspace October Newsletter

Featured Article

Makers Help People Solve Problems

Members of Bellingham Makerspace can solve problems. Makerspace Assistant Manager Ben Holmgren partnered with Dr. Loch Trimingham, orthopedic surgeon, to solve a medical problem. Dr. Trimingham is a volunteer doctor in Ethiopia. He saw patients with large wounds and diabetic ulcers. Negative pressure wound therapy requires a vacuum pump, which is expensive and requires electricity. Dr. Trimingham asked Ben to design a low-cost mechanical version that doesn’t require electricity. Ben designed a prototype that they want to manufacture in Africa. This will be available to low-income Africans in remote areas. Congratulations to Ben and Dr. Trimingham on the success of this project! Bellingham Makerspace is a great place to turn your creativity and ingenuity into projects that can help the world.

To read the rest of the newsletter please click here.

Update on Masks

The Makerspace has been passing on masks free of charge. Everyone has been wonderful donating material and their time. Now that the CDC has recommended that everyone wear a face covering, the Makerspace is not able to keep up with the demand, even with all the lovely people in the community sewing the way they are.

Another important issue is that raw materials are getting short of supply. Therefore I have recruited some local small businesses to help with the efforts. These small businesses are not able to obtain materials without buying them – especially since everyone in the nation is in this same situation. The small businesses also have employees that they would like to not have to lay off. Most companies that are in need of large numbers of masks would actually be buying them if they were readily available.

By buying materials, and purchasing things through our local businesses, not only are we getting protective equipment into people’s hands, but we are also supporting local businesses – who in turn can then pay their employees who are our friends and neighbors. Moving forward, this not only protects people’s health but also people’s jobs and livelihood.

I understand that some organizations may not be in a position to purchase masks. If that is the case, please contact us and we can donate masks to that team. Please understand that pulling in the local upholstery industry (and soon seamstresses, etc) is an effort to both protect people’s health and their livelihood.

COVID-19 Response

Bellingham Makerspace is working with the local county and hospital authorities to address the shortage of personal protective equipment in the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. We have been coordinating with many local home grown groups of people who have been making handmade face masks, 3d printed face shields, and distributing them to people and organizations in need. To find out how you can help, visit our Forms and Documents page to see what kinds of projects we have available, or to apply as a volunteer.