Wood 101

November 14, 2017 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm America/Los Angeles Timezone
The Foundry, Bellingham Makerspace
$25 - $50
education director

This class will familiarize students with foundational woodworking skills and the tools required to process rough lumber for fine woodworking projects. The techniques you will learn in Wood 101 are required for all further woodworking classes at the Bellingham Foundry, so if you want to start learning how to use tools and process lumber, this is the class for you!

This single session class covers a number of topics essential for the beginning woodworker. First we will go over general shop safety as well as machine-specific safety notes. Participants will gain hands-on experience with all of the tools necessary (jointer, planer and chop saw) to process rough lumber into a usable piece of wood that is flat, square and true in all dimensions. We will also touch on the concepts of wood movement, grain orientation and wood selection.

Participants in this course will also get to go beyond traditional carpentry techniques with an intro to the laser cutter! After your wood block has been squared and trued, we demonstrate how to write a message of your choice on it with the laser cutter.