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January Volunteer Meeting – Change of Date

Happy Holidays Everyone!
Please Join Us For A Brainstorming Session In January!

To our dear volunteers, members, and supporters,

We usually have our volunteer meetings on the first Saturday of every month. In 2022, that happens to be the very first day of the year! So, we have decided to push the meeting back a week.

As you know from our last announcement, we have temporarily instituted a partial closure so that we can clean the space up, reorganize, and make room for newly donated tools and equipment. We could really use your help in the new year with our efforts to improve the Makerspace and get ready for Makerspace 2.0. Please attend our meeting on January 8, 2022 at 1 PM. Bring your thoughts and ideas about how we can improve the Makerspace for members, volunteers, and the public. We want to hear from you!

Thank you for your support. See you in the New Year!

Directors, Staff, & The Marketing Committee

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Join Slack for up-to-the-minute volunteer information.

Slack is a real-time chat platform. It has the ability to do direct messages to other people, and has “channels” to keep different discussions separated — especially in the different areas like “events” and “electronics” and “retail” and “volunteers”. I don’t use Facebook or Twitter, and I was reluctant to add another communication channel. I get too much information already. However, using Slack for communication within the Makerspace puts all our ideas in one place. It also actually cuts down on the amount of email I have to filter. I certainly don’t read everything in every Slack channel, but I pay particular attention to the volunteer channel. So, from a reluctant adopter, I encourage you to sign up for our Slack channel.

Jeff Copeland, Volunteer Coordinator & Director
Join our Slack Channel

Thank you for your interest in, membership with, and support of the Bellingham Makerspace. We wish you and your loved ones an enjoyable holiday and a rewarding new year!

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