Maker Faire and September Newsletter

Good news everyone!

Bellingham Maker Faire 2021 will be hosted by Bellingham Makerspace on October 9 at Bellis Fair. Maker Faire is a gathering of artists, crafters, engineers, students and scientists — “Makers” — to share what they can do. We are now looking for Makers of all kinds to take part in Maker Faire – the Greatest Show and Tell on Earth. Click Here to apply as a presenter! Act soon, spaces are limited.

We also have just sent out our newsletter for September. In it we discuss the Maker Faire, and several big changes happening at our organization. Our Founder Mary Elliott has decided after seven years she is ready to step down as the Executive Director. She has written a letter for all of our members and supporters which you can read here. In her place, Tina Stroh will be stepping in as our new Interim Executive Director. We also discuss some of the new classes and communication methods that we are adding.

You can read the full newsletter here. The full description and message from the Board of Directors regarding the improvements and changes that will be coming to the Makerspace in the months ahead is also available here.