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Makerspace October Newsletter

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Makers Help People Solve Problems

Members of Bellingham Makerspace can solve problems. Makerspace Assistant Manager Ben Holmgren partnered with Dr. Loch Trimingham, orthopedic surgeon, to solve a medical problem. Dr. Trimingham is a volunteer doctor in Ethiopia. He saw patients with large wounds and diabetic ulcers. Negative pressure wound therapy requires a vacuum pump, which is expensive and requires electricity. Dr. Trimingham asked Ben to design a low-cost mechanical version that doesn’t require electricity. Ben designed a prototype that they want to manufacture in Africa. This will be available to low-income Africans in remote areas. Congratulations to Ben and Dr. Trimingham on the success of this project! Bellingham Makerspace is a great place to turn your creativity and ingenuity into projects that can help the world.

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