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Tool Library

Please note that the woodshop tools will be unavailable until the woodshop reopens - eta 10/1/2023

Current Tool Use Pricing

Tools are available on a first-come first-served basis to current members. Additionally, current members can reserve any tools by logging in to their membership account and using the Reserve Tool Time link to the reservation page.

Front Room Tools cost $5.00 per hour plus materials/run time fees:

Laser Cutter: $1.00 per minute of cutting time
3D Printer: $0.25 per gram of material (PLA only, we provide)
Vinyl cutting: $6.00 per linear foot
Letter size color prints: $0.50 each
Large Format Prints: $7.00 per linear foot

Back Room Tools cost $10.00 per hour to reserve.

Laser Cutter and Engraving

CNC Machine

Vinyl Cutter

3D Printers

Large Format Printer

3D Scanner

Electronics Workstation


Wood Shop Machines